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Jan 18, 2013 4:00am PST
filed a federal lawsuit hoping to overturn the new law. they argued that the government ordered cover up violates their first amendment right to express their political views. >> a u.s. district court judge said yesterday that it takes more than simply disrobing in public to make a political statement. >> we will be back in just a minute. we have a live look of the san mateo bridge. the traffic on 92 is like this morning no problems. cold in livermore out to the east. 32 degrees in downtown livermore. specifically out by the airport. the freezing mark there should warm up to about 60. we have a nice, mild weather to look forward to in to the weekend. we will get a quick break down with erica and just a moment. >> good morning. 4:09 on the clock. >> taking a look at wall street this morning. futures trading shows mixed results across the board. the s&p 500 and the dow show positive figures while the nasdaq is in the negative. stocks make big gains yesterday after strong report on the housing market in the unemployment claims. all making investors more optimistic about the economy. >> here
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am PST
hoping to overturn the new law. they argue that the government ordered covered up of violates their first amendment right to express their political views. a u.s. district court judge said yesterday that it takes more than simply this morning in public to make a political statement. >> in an interview with oprah winfrey, lance armstrong comes clean about doping. the seventh time " to tour de france " wenner says that he used a variety of performance enhancing drugs to when those titles. armstrong refuse to answer when oprah winfrey asked him if betsy andreu, the wife of armstrong's former teammate frankie andreu, was telling the truth when she said that in 1996, she overheard him telling a doctor treating him for cancer that he was doping. he also limited to being a bully. >> armstrong has been stripped of his tour de france titles and the olympic medal that he won in 2000. he is also facing numerous lawsuits. saith the second part of the interview with oprah winfrey airs tonight. >> still ahead on kron4 morning news. attention and frequent fliers, a major airline lays out new rules for p
Jan 17, 2013 4:00am PST
the country'sshite led a government. >> one month at the failed bank rippled a young woman on moving new delhi was a promise faster at trial is set to begin. another pretrial hearing was held this morning after a few minor procedural issues were raised. defense lawyers of the five accused men say they need additional copies of some of the evidence. >> authorities are eager to move the case into a fast track court at the brutal attack nationwide protest and were white will be about to give in the women. >> this just into the kron 4 news room sources say that the ioc plans to strip lance armstrong of his 2000 olympic bronze medal. >> still ahead new details this morning up areas of san francisco that are more likely to suffer damage and an earthquake. are you living or working in one of them? it will take a >> we are backed at 4:44 it >> let us turn our attention to whether traffic. with erica looking at both. >> we have quite a spread of numbers. we have upper twenties. for santa rosa. lower '30's for east bay interior valleys. from the heart of the day we are coming in at the '40's along the c
Jan 17, 2013 6:00am PST
. the move came after the i o c was notified by cycling and governing bodies that armstrong had not appealed the decision to disqualify him. ong's admitted during an interview with oprah winfrey if that he had used performance enhancing drugs to help him win seven tour de france titles all of which has been stripped. the interview airs tonight on one freeze zero w and network. >> and the countdown continues as the 49ers and europe to face the atlanta falcons and this sunday. niner fans have been excited all week and stores have been struggling to keep the no. 7 a jersey on the shelves. a season ago, the niners beat the new orleans saints in their playoff opener and lost to the new york giants in the nfc title game. head coach john harbaugh says that the team has a better approach going into the title game this year. >> the niners will face the falcons this sunday at the georgia dome. the game time is set noon our time. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news. we will have an update on the kidnapping of 20 people including americans in algeria. americans in algeria. i??çóÑk?wç >> you are watc
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am PST
that the governing body covered up widespread doping. if the former head of the world's anti doping agency and current member of the international olympic committee, said drastic action would have to be taken if armstrong provides proof high-ranking officials from they international cycling union was implicated in doping. the new york times reported that armstrong is willing to testify against former members of the you see i but he has been told he has to speak to that anti doping accord is rather than give the television interview if he wants to cut his lifetime ban. >> even though the end aff leck and argo may have been the big winners at the golden globes, many americans think steven spielberg and his movie, lincoln, should take home the oscars next month. that is according to a recent poll by reuters. nearly a quarter of americans think that will begin to take home the oscar for the best pitcher and 36 percent said that spielberg shot when the best director. only 4 percent thought argo should win the academy award for best picture. americans chose at danville today- louis as their clea
Jan 22, 2013 4:00am PST
into 2013. swiss economist at klaus schwav called for the business and government leaders headed their to focus on caution realism and recover public trust to avoid another major financial crisis. >> during the first half of last year part of the bay area had an increase of 4% experts say the rent flattening could be caused by some renters deciding to buy instead sends interest rates are so low. >> twitter said it is working on fixing issue which is causing a service out for millions of users. people here on the west coast began reporting problems logging on to twitter yesterday's. >> as is unusual the case, the problems are in to midnight do not affect all users. people on the east coast are reporting no problems at all. >> the twitter app for mobile devices is also up and running with no issues. twitter has not yet identified the exact problem. i just checked my twitter account there are no problems maybe it is fixed. >> siruis xm radio in a comedy central are teaming up to create a new comedy channel on the satellite neradio service. it will showcase the television networks s
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6